yes but consider this for your otp:

  • being reunited after surviving the zombie apocalypse unknowing if the other was alive or dead AU
  • rescuing their partner from a recon mission gone wrong AU
  • drama school rivals being cast as romantic opposites because they have “crazy sexual tension” according to their director AU
  • "are we both robbing the same house oh fuck" AU
  • growing up together in a rough neighbourhood AU
  • mutual friends always dragged to the same inane barbecues AU
Happy Birthday, Erwin


Levi nodded, watching Erwin close his eyes and wish as he blew out the candle. It was clear what he wished for, everyone wished on the same thing on a birthday. It was almost an unspoken law that you had to, you’d feel bad and selfish if you wished for anything different. He smirked lightly at Erwin’s comment, “You better fucking share it with me.” Levi told him, his smirk turning into a small smile. 

"I made it for your birthday, or are you that old now you’re losing your memory?" he teased and shrugged, knowing that wouldn’t be enough for Erwin to drop the question. "I just figured a birthday is something that should be celebrated. Another year of living. I’d rather celebrate your life than those that aren’t alive anymore" he answered, his voice becoming quieter the more he went on. 

"Not that they don’t deserve it, but it’s hard" Levi added, trying to get Erwin to understand what he was trying to say. A frown made it’s way onto his face before he shook his head, "Just take a slice" he huffed and handed him the knife.

"Of course I will share it with you. After all, someone said to me that the maker of the cake should taste their own creation as well." The commander chuckled, truly feeling grateful on what the other man just spent his entire morning for Erwin.

In all honesty, Levi was never failed to amaze him. Even though his words were harsh, Erwin knew that he didn’t look like how it was. Inside that little yet strong body of his, the blond knew that Levi was probably one of a few people who was really kind and actually caring for other people. Even to those who were already left this world.

"Remembering them is more than enough. They’re very fortunate to have you as their captain, I suppose." Erwin said, though he chose not to continue it before it made Levi and the atmosphere felt even gloomier. He took the knife, cutting the cake into a few slices before he put one slice into a different plate and handed it to Levi. "For honouring the one who made this cake, so the first slice is yours."

Accidental Summoning


It’s not that hard, right? He waited until the man finished reciting the line, but it was stopped mid-way and of course the demon glanced at him. What else? Doesn’t he know what time is money? Unbelievable.

But what he saw was a pale face, the demon might mistook him for a zombie. “Huh? Why? Is something wrong or unreadable?” He approached the human and made sure everyone was legible. Man, it was written in every language the world knew, that’s why the book was really thick, what is the excuse?

"Cancel the contract?"

Ah, this is what they call a pain in the ass.

The demon popped out an identical book out of thin air and he wore a glasses that came from nowhere, but it was only to add the atmosphere, he didn’t need to use the glasses to read.

"In the Terms & Conditions that was written a page before that, the last paragraph, it included the possibility of cancelling the contract after summoning by paying approximately three liters of your own blood or a newborn baby but it doesn’t have to be your own." The demon closed the book.

"Well, how? I can cancel the contract anytime soon if you paid with that." Well, actually it could be cancelled by other things, but he found those two the most interesting things so he only mentioned that. Besides, he didn’t lie, he just didn’t mention some things. It’s the human’s fault for not being able to read the demon language.

"Besides, it’s easier to accept the contract. We will do whatever you say as long it didn’t harm yourself since it would harm ourselves. That says, we couldn’t harm you in any form.” 

This man was a demon, alright. Erwin was convinced enough, not because of that sudden appearance of a book out of nowhere, but because he asked for something impossible if Erwin wanted to cancel the contract.

"That’s absurd! That’s just the same as you’re asking me to die or let someone die to cancel it!"

Erwin realized that he was being too loud, so he quickly covered his mouth and looked if there was anyone else around. Lucky for them that nobody was inside the library at the moment. At least, he didn’t see anyone else who noticed on what Erwin just said before.

"I told you I didn’t mean to make a contract with you, not even with a demon," he desperately said, sighing heavily. "How am I supposed to trust your words? About you’re not going to harm me while we’re in contract?" Could this demon be trusted after all? Well, in a way, this man was still a demon, so Erwin wasn’t sure if he should trust him.

More Than Bargained For // Closed RP



Ari let out a small noise of annoyance when he pushed her head again. He finally finished her hair, letting a smile appear on the little girl’s face. She reached her hand up and let it pat the small bumps of the braid. “Thank you…” she said sweetly. 

Even though this was bonding time between Erwin and Levi, she felt a little closer to Erwin now that they have been sharing secrets. She giggled. “I guess that’s something you two have in common…and I’m not over exaggerating, I’ve seen the stash!” She said excitedly, smiling at the blonde. Ari decided to settle down, trying her best not to get on the raven’s nerves. 

Ari listened to both the male’s statements and frowned a bit. “Why would we hate you?” Ari asked the blonde curiously, tilting her head a bit. The smile came back on her face when Levi said that he liked Erwin, turning her head to the raven now. “I’m glad you two like each other, then.” That was the whole plan, anyway. "I like it a lot when you two talk…" 

She bit her lip when she realized the male asked her a question. “Of course I do! I love Levi! He’s so cute, and funny, and adorable!” She listed off with excitement. She loved talking about the raven and the things she liked about him, it was something she was always anxious to bring up. Although it was a bit of a challenge to put the love she has for him in words. Ari looked straight ahead. 

"But that’s not what I meant by like, Levi…" Ari began, turning her head to the raven once more. "I meant like, like like…” She hoped he would catch on to the hint, she wasn’t too sure that Erwin caught on, either.

"You’re welcome, Ari," the raven leaned back in his chair as he turned back towards Erwin. "You have one two? I guess it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one, right?" Levi has a huge sweet tooth. He finds it very childish and he knew most people would say it’s super cute. This will only irritate him. 

Levi noticed the blond almost choked on his drink. A slender brow rose as he watched his performance. Did he miss something? “Ah, well I was stupid then, didn’t know what I was thinking. My mind was cloudy with hate for many things, and you didn’t help much,” he slightly chuckled. His attention was now on the little girl. “You do? Why? We don’t have that interesting of conversations.” Levi didn’t push to much on her statement. She was a child still. Maybe, she liked the way they talked. Some kids like to hear their parents talk, just to hear their voices. Levi did enjoy his own mothers voice.

He tilted his head to the side. “Like, like like him?” he thought about it. After a few seconds, his cheeks lit up in a light pink. Levi stood suddenly and took their plates. “Done, yes?” he cleared his throat. “Let me wash these.” 

"It was something that happened between us in a few years ago," Erwin briefly explained it to the little girl, "Let’s just safely assume that we already settled that, most of it though." He simply smiled at Ari and to Levi. It might happen in the past, but probably it was hard for both of them to forget it. After all, it was by Erwin’s request that the captain could be here, joining the corps like he wanted since long. 

But enough recalling the past, since Erwin just had an interesting situation right now. “See? I know you love him a lot,” he chuckled. There was no doubt that Ari would like Levi, of course. She was already like the raven’s daughter after all. Though what just she asked to Levi made Erwin a bit wondered too, blinking in confusion.

Was it really ‘like' in term of affection she just asked to Levi? The blond actually knew it, although he thought that perhaps he just misheard it. But now she made it quite clear, Erwin felt a bit embarrassed in all honesty. And it seemed that Levi was too—probably a bit more that he suddenly stood up and said wanting to wash the dishes, cutting off the topic.

"Well—let me help you with the dishes too, then," he offered, quickly standing up and taking a few plates from Levi’s hands. The commander turned to look at Ari, "Will you also come and help us, Ari?"

;Hidden Inside | closed with ellia-ithil


Once she saw that he was making the effort to stand, the wolf left go of his sleeve and jumped over the table to get behind him. She then got onto the couch and started to nudge him, trying to help him stand.

Please, stand she thought. Willed him to do. She needed to be sure that his wounds were healing. She needed to be sure that his legs still worked.


It was hard to stand up by his own, as his ankle still hurt him quite much. Erwin had to sit on the bed again after his first attempt, trying to calm. Though what he didn’t expect was the wolf suddenly jumped over him and stood behind the man, nudging his back as if it tried to help Erwin.

Blinking in confusion, the man eventually tried to stand up again. He placed his hand on the wall, supporting his weight as he stood straight up.

"So much for just standing…" he muttered, laughing himself for being such a pathetic man even though he couldn’t help it. "I’m fine, I think. Thank you for helping me." Now he wondered what the wolf wanted him to do.

A+ Romance // Closed RP


Levi gave a soft laugh. “Good, the only thing I can really cook is soup.” the small get togethers would be great to get to know one another. Levi couldn’t help but get excited about the thought. Still, he kept quite, not wanting to speak. He would feel stupid of sharing his feelings on the subject.

He nodded. “I like that you keep things clean at least the house,” another small smile appeared on his lips. Levi was all about clean and neatness. He was glad to see it in this father. With a soft sigh, he pushed himself off of the wall. The smaller male watched him cook before he started speak once more. “I like keeping things cleaned.” he added.

The raven listened to the others story. A pinch of guilt sprung it’s way inside of him. He hoped he didn’t bring down the mood. That’s the last thing he wanted to do. “I’m sorry…” he tilted his head. “Well, I can never find someone since I’m always mood after a day’s of work. No one want’s to be around that,” he snorted. “Hush, it’s not a problem. Your son is one of my favorites. I enjoy him and his brain.” 

The only thing he did was smiling. Erwin didn’t exactly like when people asked about his past married life. It wasn’t because of it ended quite miserably, but because he didn’t want to get too personal with other people even if it was his friends or colleagues from work. Yet, somehow Erwin didn’t mind at all when he told Levi about his ex-wife. Instead, somehow he felt relieved for telling it to other people at last.

"It’s all right. You’re just asking about it, so the least I can do is answering your question." He assured, a bit surprised on the next statement. Did that mean Levi was still single? Erwin thought he’d at least have a girlfriend or such. 

The blond man laughed softly at Levi’s comment about his son, feeling really glad if the teacher was fond of Armin that much. “I can’t thank you enough for that, to be honest,” he said, putting the last cooking into a new plate before he stared at his work, slightly proud of it.

"I shouldn’t make you wait any longer or we will starve. You can wait at the dining room while I bring our dinner in a few minutes."

What will you never forget?

There was a lot of things he wouldn’t ever forget for the rest of his life, even if it was just a very small thing and probably wouldn’t affect anything in his life. Yet, if he had to choose only one thing that Erwin would never forget,


"The memories I had with my father when I was a kid, perhaps. He taught me a lot of things and probably he was the sole reason why I fought my way really hard into the man I am now." Other than proving that his father’s theories were right, Erwin also had the dream he had been wanting to make it true for the sake of his deceased father.


He makes me wanna die……( ;´Д`)


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unintentionally scaring med students