More Than Bargained For // Closed RP



Ari shook her head at his question. “Sasha helped me with the pot…she told me I’m too little and I might burn myself if I tried.” In which she did, but she pulled her sleeve up to the two male’s wouldn’t notice it. She sat down in her chair and pulled it forward, smiling at the two of them. She really did hope they were having fun, or at least bonding a little. That was the entire plan of hers, was to get them closer. 

"So…" Ari began, straightening up her back. "You guys don’t have to stop talking about what you were originally…I can leave if you want." She suggested with a smile. She wasn’t meaning it to be rude, she just really wanted them to make conversation. Tonight wasn’t about her, and she wasn’t going to let it be. 

Ari looked over to the raven who was simply sipping his tea and frowned at him. His elbows were propped up as he took another sip from the china. Ari pointed at him and puffed out her cheeks. “Elbows off the table, mister…” She corrected him. Ari glanced over to Erwin, he seemed to be in a really good mood. She smiled over at him. “Are you guys having fun?” 

Levi thought of the little girl. She was the other thing that made him smile for no odd reason, and he loved it. He loved the feeling of actually being happy. “I’m pretty sure she does,” he took a small sip of tea. “She’s a doll, and she’s strong, and just the most adorable little girl I’ve ever seen.” he sighed once more. Maybe this small child was something he was missing in his life. She filled those missing spaces. 

He was taken out of his thoughts by his words. “Uh…you’re right. I like coffee with sugar,” he tapped his fingers on the table, but he never did finish his sentence for Ari had placed Erwin’s food in front of him. The raven looked at the small girl as he talked about his elbows. He snorted. He was from the underground, what did she expect. “Sorry.” he chuckled as he pulled away from the table. 

"No, no it’s fine, Ari. You can stay here. It would be nice for your company," he smiled once more towards the little girl. "I am, thank you for making us dinner, and thank you for having us together like this." 

"I see. It’s good to know that Sasha helped you with the pot." So Ari did get some help from a few soldiers, though it was still admirable that the little girl was willing to do it some of the job herself. Even if she was still young, seemed like Erwin shouldn’t really doubt her capability and good will after all. 

A single chuckle slipped from his mouth as Erwin saw how Ari told the other man to fix his table manner by moved his elbows away from top of the table. Who could have guessed that the humanity’s strongest unexpectedly could be told by a little girl? Though he tried his best not to laugh, cleared his throat before started speaking.

"Levi is right, Ari. Both of us are happy for having you here with us while we enjoy the dinner," the commander nodded, mostly agreed with Levi. "And of course. We are certainly having fun. I also thank you for inviting me here." It was indeed not a bad idea for coming, after all. He mostly had his dinner alone since he usually stuck himself with paperwork, so he would surely enjoy this.

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A+ Romance // Closed RP


Levi let out a small chuckle. “Yes Armin is a shy kid, but he’s doing well. I’m used to it,” he started as he placed a few piles in his bag. “Most kids are scared of me, mostly my eyes scared them off. Well, I don’t know…it’s a guess,” he smiled as he looked back at the blond. “There kids anyway, they think the weirdest things.”

He never really thought he was good with the kids here at the school, but apparently he can deal with them pretty well. The idea of having a kid of his own, though, was a different story. Levi always thought it would be a good idea, seeing he was mostly lonely at night. He would want someone to hold and talk to. It was a sweet idea, but he didn’t think he could pull off being a good father.

The raven took the business card, his thumb traced over the letters as long with his eyes. “Thank you, Mister Smith,” he kept the small card in his hand as he looked back at the blond. “No problem, just give me a call, alright? It can be anything,” a small smile made it’s way to his lips. “Favorite teacher? I think you’re just pulling my strings. I can’t be his favorite teacher. No, it’s fine. I would love it a lot, actually. It sounds like a good idea, and since I’m his favorite teacher, it would be even better.” 

"I’m glad to hear that," the blond smiled, standing up from his seat and offering his hand once again to the other man. "Then, I should probably leave now. I will contact you sooner or later, hopefully you have a spare time when I ask you. Thank you very much with your time and help, Mister Ackerman." 

With that, Erwin left the room and walked out the school, going back to his workplace since he still had something to do before he could go home. He took out the piece of paper Levi gave to him, looking at it while walking to his car. “Levi Ackerman…” he muttered, still looking at the handwriting. Something about the raven made Erwin felt a bit strange; he couldn’t wait until he was able to meet the teacher again.


The blond man made a phone call after a few days, inviting the teacher for dinner as promised. And today was the day, though apparently they wouldn’t be accompanied by Armin. 

"Forgive me, Mister Ackerman, but I’m afraid Armin won’t be at home tonight. He just said to me that he was going to his friends’ house to study." Erwin explained, felt a bit awkward and worried if Levi didn’t like the idea of having dinner only for the two of them. "I do hope you won’t mind about it, though. But please, come inside first at least."

The blond man opened the door widely for the other, letting Levi to step inside the house before he closed it. “Was it difficult to find my house? Want anything to drink?” he offered. When he thought about it, it had been a while since he had a guest like this, and Erwin wasn’t sure what to do besides offering anything that crossed his mind.

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Hidden Inside | closed with ellia-ithil

Since long, Erwin was always the curious kid. He enjoyed observing or researching almost everything he found interesting. His little curiosity became bigger as he aged, and made him more curious about the world itself. 

He often heard some stories about mythical beings and such, and he had this urge to prove it whether it was true or not. Based on his logic, there was no such a thing as a mythical being, though no one could ever prove it. They simply just believed its existence, but not for Erwin. He was in between on wanting to believe it or not, since his father believed in them. Since he was a kid, he wondered about it until now. 

His curiosity brought him deep inside a forest, said that where the mythical beings lived since long. "What am I even doing here…" he muttered, starting to wonder. It was a kind of stupid decision for Erwin to even go here, but he just wanted to know if his father told him the truth.

Although, he should have been more careful on his little trip, especially when he took a wrong step and initially made him fell down from the cliff. It was between a lucky or not lucky at all, since the cliff wasn’t that high but the blond injured himself rather bad. His head hit something hard—probably a rock—and he thought he just broke his leg as well. He definitely needed a help at this point, but who could hear his plea in such a quiet forest? Erwin did try to help himself, but the pain was too much to even stand up. His head started hurting him more as he tried. It wasn’t long until the blond man simply lied on the dirty ground, totally losing his conciousness.

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My computer shut down… While it was busy… ._.

Try re-scanning it again once your PC backs up. If the problem still happens, then maybe there’s something a bit serious happened on your PC….

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My scanner is stuck for over 4 minutes on one little thing


Hmmmm I think it might be normal, if the data was really that big in term of size…? What is it scanning on btw? Did it go back to normal now?

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It’s now scanning and it already found 23 objects within five minutes…

lolololol I told you that stuff is hella good with malwares and shit. Just sit back until it finished scanning. Hopefully it will make the virus on your browser gone for good.

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I will try that one

Do you have the link of the website for me to install it? (The malethingy)

I’m currently on my phone since google chrome refuses to open -_-;

You can download the Malwarebytes in here, hopefully it will be able to detect the adware on your browsers.

Another alternative is that you check on your Extensions one by one, see if something wrong with it and disable/uninstall it once you found the problem. Or see anything wrong on Control Panel -> Programs and Features, look what kind of softwares you installed there and see if you can find something that you absolutely never installed it before.

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